Being a smaller agency gives us the posibility to become more agile and hands on when it comes to find creative business models together with our clients. This means that we can offer a variety of solutions. If your company have an other creative models - don't hesitate to present them to us... 

Fixed price 
To work with a fixed price means that we look upon the task as a project divided into phases with a defined goal. We take the responsibility to solve it in this given time frame. 

Running charges
We give an hourly rate and our clients manage the gates and define the time frames. To use running charges works best in onsite collaboration.  

We are no strangers to work on royalty bases - as long as we believe in the idea and the business plan. We know that this often turns out as a win win situation in the end. 

Joint venture
To build a brand or product from scratch is an exiting challenge for us. To mutually share risk and profit means that we often need to take a bigger part in management.  

In house
To be able to solve the project in house gives an creative boost, by making our team and partners involved. We still strongly believe in having a close dialogue with our clients is crucial. 

We happily bring one or more designers to your facilities for a shorter or longer period. This can be one of us at CUBE, partners or freelancers. It adds a value to be close to your project team and management.